Chart of Accounts

Pressing [Chart of Accounts] button or F2 key from the main window can setup the account for your company. This program contains eight categories of account as shown in below figure: Asset, Liability, Capital, Revenue, Cost, Expense, Other Revenue, Other Expense in different page. The first digit of the account number represents the category of the account, for example, '1' represents Asset.

To add an account, you can select corresponding page and parent account and press [Add Account] button. For example, you can select Asset Page, select the Fixed Asset account and press [Add Account], a new window (the top window in above figure) will be pop up. The account number will be filled for you automatically. You can use the number of modify it and press [Enter] key, enter the Name of Account and press [Save] button. An account will be created with the parent Fixed Asset account.

To delete or edit an account, you can select the account and press [Delete Account] or [Edit Account] button. You cannot delete any account which contains some journals.

You can press [Print] button to print Chart of Accounts.

Recommendation: You are suggested to finish all accounts before input any journal because you cannot add a child account or delete account if the account contains a journal.