Backup and Restore the Database

Pressing [Backup and Restore] button or F10 key from the main window can backup and restore the database.

This program only contains one database file (MemAcc.mem). You can copy this file directly to backup the file or use this function to backup this database file. You can press [Backup] button and select a location and filename to backup. The file extension of backup file is .mbf (MemDB Backup File). When the database is corrupted, you can press [Restore] button, and select the .mbf file to restore the database.

Moreover, you can specify backup the database automatically. Checking the "When exit program" option will backup the database file every time you exit the program. Checking the "Daily" option will backup the database file every day. The Remain number let you to specify how many backup files save in your computer. For example, if you specify it is 7, the first auto-backup file name will be MemAcc0.mbf, the second auto-backup file name will be MemAcc1.mbf etc. The seventh auto-backup file will use MemAcc0.mbf repeatedly.