Build Demo Database

Pressing [Build Demo Database] button from the main window can input a large number of journal randomly.

Some accounting software runs slowly when the number of journal grows. To prove this program can run quickly in a large number of journals in the database, this function can insert a lot of journal in a short time.

You can setup the Chart of Accounts first, and backup the database first before you execute this function.

As shown in above figure, it displays the current number of Journal in the database now. You can enter the number of journal to be added and specify the period of journal date and press [Start] button. The program will insert that amount of journal randomly with the date between the period.

After inserting these journals, you can test the speed of the Trial Balance, Balance Sheet, Profit and Loss and Account Analysis.

After testing, you can use [Clear Demo] button to clear all sample journals. However, it is recommended to use Restore database from the backup file instead.

Remark: After registering the software, the [Build Demo Database] button will be disappeared.